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Hastings Review

The consultation period has now ended.

Hastings Review Report

*The full report is a 121MB Microsoft Word document and may take some time to download depending on your connection speed.

fire_authority_meeting_proc Fire authority meeting procedure

We have created a leaflet [pdf, 6.8M, opens in new tab] designed to help you understand how meetings of the Fire Authority are organised, to help you to follow the proceedings at the meeting, and how to ask public questions.

View of Hastings

East Sussex Fire Authority provides fire and rescue services, in terms of prevention, protection and response, to the County of East Sussex and the City of Brighton and Hove.

The Authority’s vision is to achieve safer and more sustainable communities for all individuals who live in, work in or visit East Sussex and the City of Brighton & Hove.

The community expectations and financial pressures on the Fire Authority mean that we must continuously review the service we deliver to meet future needs.

The Authority is committed to allocating resources and delivering services that are tailored to our communities’ needs in order to increase efficiency and deliver value for money.

This approach has become even more important since the new arrangements for Integrated Risk Management Planning were introduced and much has changed with the establishment of flexible, locally assessed and determined risk based standards that are tailored to mitigate the risks in local communities.

Therefore, as part of our Community Risk Management process and contained within our Medium-Term Plan 2011/12 - 2015/16, the Fire Authority agreed to review service provision within the Hastings Borough.

This review is now complete and was considered by the Fire Authority on Thursday 13th September, where the following recommendation was agreed for consultation:

  • Relocate the Wholetime Echo appliance (E09) from The Ridge Fire Station to Bohemia Road Fire Station.
  • Maintain the Retained Duty System Whiskey Pumping appliance (W09) and Landrover (X09) at The Ridge on the Retained Duty System with its existing establishment.

A consultation ran from 14 September for 12 weeks which has now closed, the results of which will then be discussed at the Fire Authority meeting on 13 December 2012.

Title Photo: By David McLaughlin (Flickr: David-five-o). Reproduced with permission.

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