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01 October 2014 - Update

Fort Road Planning Application

ESFRS received planning consent in July for the new Fire Station and shared facility in Meeching Road, Newhaven. The project is moving forward and is on programme to be completed by mid-summer 2015. On completion of the new building, the disposal of the existing Fort Road site will support the integrated joint project with Sussex Police and Lewes District Council, which aims to deliver a range of public services to residents in the Newhaven area.

CMT have approved a disposal strategy, part of which will involve us submitting a planning application for a residential scheme on the site. ESFRS do not intend to develop the site ourselves, instead this application seeks to support the CFA decision to dispose of the Fort Rd at best value and secure the Fort Road site's future. If successful, it will assist the marketability of the site and therefore reduce any risk of the site standing vacant for any length of time following the relocation into the new facility.

The scheme is to provide seven, three storey, three bed dwelling houses with associated private gardens and off road parking. Plans together with the design and access statement will be made available through the Lewes District Council Planning web page following submission.

29 July 2014 - Update

Planning consent has now been granted for the joint East Sussex Fire & Rescue, Sussex Police and Lewes District Council building on the former Saxonholme site in Meeching Road, Newhaven. The Newhaven Community Hub will support the delivery of services to the residents of Newhaven by all three Partners.

The project team is working with the contractor Morgan Sindall, who have good experience of delivering successful projects in the local area and engaging positively with the local community.

It is anticipated that works will commence in November 2014 and be completed by mid-summer 2015.

Questions & Answers

How is this being funded?

The project is being funded through the ESFA Capital programme. East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service have made an application to the Department for Communities and Local Government under a Transformation Funding opportunity. This is being made on the basis that we are promoting asset transformation and efficiency by encouraging closer collaboration with other emergency services and public sector organisations. We will find out later in the year whether this application has been successful.

How much is East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service spending?

East Sussex Fire Authority have allocated £3.07m of funding for the project within the Capital Programme. Based on the current design stage and following the collaborative approach to this project, the current estimated cost to East Sussex Fire Authority for the construction stage is £2.55m.

Why did we choose this site?

An asset appraisal was undertaken to consider the existing site and the costs associated to bringing this up to standard against building a new facility on a different site. A new Fire Station delivered better value for money to the Authority in the long run and therefore East Sussex Fire Authority made the decision to build a fire station on a new site.

A search for available sites commenced and, following a number of sites which were considered against operational requirements, the Saxonholme Site in Meeching Road was purchased. The site has a central location and enables fast access to the key routes in and around Newhaven.

What's the timeline for development?

The project is on programme for a start on-site in November 2014. We anticipate the new building to be completed by mid-summer 2015.

What will happen to the old site?

Following completion of the new building, the existing site will be sold.

How can the public be involved?

ESFRS, Sussex Police and Lewes District Council are working together with Morgan Sindall the contractor, to put together a number of events where the local community can get involved. Details of these events will be advertised in the coming weeks/months as the project develops.

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service (ESFRS) has purchased land in Meeching Road, Newhaven for the development of a new Fire Station. The building is part of an integrated joint project with Sussex Police and Lewes District Council aimed to deliver a range of public services to residents in the Newhaven area.

The new building will replace the currently dated Fire Station at Fort Road and supports both Lewes District Council and Sussex Police plans for the future.

A public consultation exercise took place earlier this year, ending on 14 March 2014. Information about this consultation remains on this page for reference purposes.

Councillor Phil Howson - Chairman for East Sussex Fire Authority, said:

"By working together and sharing facilities, it aims to deliver significant savings to each organisation, both in terms of build and future running costs. The project will also enable better working partnerships to be forged between the partners and improved local facilities for the people of Newhaven".

Sussex Police" Lewes District Commander, Chief Inspector Rob Leet, said:

"This is an exciting opportunity for Newhaven's Neighbourhood Policing Team and our local partners to provide a joined up service. We'll continue to be in the heart of the local community, making our services accessible and convenient. Working alongside partners is just one example of how Sussex Police is changing over the next few years to improve service for members of the public".

The town's Neighbourhood Policing Team will continue to be based at South Road Police Station until this new community hub is up and running.

Lewes District Council is keen to enhance the range of services that can be easily accessed by residents of Newhaven. This new facility will enable our "one stop shop" to deliver what our customers want.

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