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Wholetime Firefighters

**We are not currently taking applications for Wholetime Firefighters**

Making our Communities Safe

The role of the Fire Service is changing, reflecting the new demands made on the Service. 


Our firefighters play a vital role in making our communities safer - not only by responding to emergencies but by preventing them in the first place.

We have close ties with the communities we serve, going into homes, schools and businesses to educate them and help keep them safe.

We work in partnership with others, such as the Police, Ambulance Service and Local Authorities.Firefighters come from all walks of life; some are school leavers, some have degrees and others are trained in other professions.

As a wholetime firefighter, work will be a mix of fire station duties, fire fighting and giving advice and talks on fire prevention. Every day will be different, but could include:

  • controlling and putting out fires
  • rescuing victims from burning buildings and accident sites including road traffic collisions
  • managing chemical or hazardous substance spills
  • giving presentations to schools and other community groups
  • inspecting buildings to make sure that they meet fire safety regulations
  • dealing confidently with members of the public

At the fire station, you'll be inspecting and maintaining equipment, carrying out practice drills and taking part in training.

This job can be stressful and demanding, both physically and emotionally. You will be required to work in very uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situations, for example at heights, around toxic chemicals or in enclosed spaces.

You'll need:

  • stamina and a high level of physical fitness
  • to remain calm in dangerous situations
  • excellent teamwork skills
  • the ability to operate a range of tools and equipment
  • to take control in difficult or confusing situations
  • the ability to write accurate reports

Wholetime firefighter recruitment process 

Firefighter Fitness Video

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