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Fire Authority Members

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The Authority has legal responsibility to provide a Fire & Rescue Service for the whole of East Sussex and Brighton and Hove and is made up of 18 councillors,

  • 12 who are nominated by East Sussex County Council
  • 6 who are nominated by Brighton and Hove City Council.

The Chief Fire Officer and Chief Executive reports to the Fire Authority which has ultimate responsibility for such things as:

  • deciding how many fire stations are needed,
  • how many firefighters,
  • how many fire engines and
  • how much money needs to be raised from local taxes to pay for the service

ESFRS Borough = Area within the ESFRS command structure.

Please note that the membership of the Fire Authority could be subject to change following local elections in May.

Chairman - Roy Galley

Councillor Roy Galley

Vice Chair - Carolyn Lambert

Councillor Carolyn Lambert

Brighton & Hove City (B&HCC) Councillors

Marianna Ebel

Councillor Marianna Ebel.png

Amanda Evans

Councillor Amanda Evans.png

Les Hamilton

Councillor Les Hamilton .png

Garry Peltzer Dunn

Councillor Garry Peltzer Dunn

Steph Powell

Councillor Steph Powell.png

Carol Theobald

Councillor Carol Theobald

East Sussex County (ESCC) Councillors

John Barnes

Councillor John Barnes

Chris Dowling

Councillor Chris Dowling

Deirdre Earl-Williams

Deirdre Earl-Williams

Sarah Osborne

Councillor Sarah Osborne

Peter Pragnell

Councillor Peter Pragnell.png

Philip Scott

Councillor Philip Scott

Jim Sheppard

Councillor Jim Sheppard

Andy Smith

Councillor Andy-Smith

Barry Taylor

Councillor Barry Taylor

David Tutt

Councillor David Tutt
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