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East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is committed to ensuring the Communities  of Brighton and Hove and East Sussex are Safer.

Our Looking inside and out” – We make our Communities Safer – Inclusion, Equality and Diversity Strategy 2017-2021 sets out how we will do this and is purposefully aligned to our business Plan (Integrated Risk Management Plan) placing it at the heart of our business.    

 We know that policies are only as good as the actions which come out of them: our Inclusion Strategy and Inclusion Action Plan are evolving documents.  In my capacity as the Cllr with portfolio for Inclusion, I will ensure that they are not only regularly reviewed and updated, but the impact and effectiveness of the Strategy and its associated policies will be measured so that you can be sure we keep our promises.

It is crucial that East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service reflects this diversity of the community it serves and getting the “best people for the job” is of paramount importance.  I take seriously the responsibility to ensure that all of our residents have equal access to and equal outcomes from our services; we can only do this if we make sure that employees and fire authority members take responsibility for putting the Strategy into practice in the short and long term”.                                       

Cllr Caroline Penn – Cllr with Portfolio for Inclusion 

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03 March 2017
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