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Wadhurst Community Fire Station

Wadhurst has one pumping appliance and one 4x4 Utility Vehicle crewed by Retained firefighters.

The present station was built on this new site in the early 1970's as a replacement of the old station at Sparrows Green.

Wadhurst Fire Station covers an area of 9200 hectares, including the smaller villages of Ticehurst, Flimwell, Stongate, Mark Cross, Bells Yew Green, Cousley Wood, Tidebrook, Woods Green, Turners Green, Wallcrouch.

The station ground covers the Bewl Bridge Reservoir, an extremely large area of water.

Wadhurst enjoys a good working relationship with the Kent Fire Stations of Tunbridge Wells, Cranbrook, Matfield and Hawkhurst.

The Establishment is the number of posts required to make the Station fully resourced. This Station has an establishment of:-

  • 18 Retained units.

Note: A Retained unit may be filled by more than one Retained firefighter depending upon the number hours that the firefighter can commit to.

The Retained Firefighters Drill night is Monday at 19.00 hrs.

Maxi-Cab Rescue Pump Ladder

Volvo extended rescue pump able to carry a crew of 8 firefighters, equipped with rescue and firefighting equipment, 13.5 metre extension ladder, holding 1800 litres water and a 2250 litres per minute Pump.

Landrover L4T

Landrover 4 x 4 Forest firefighting vehicle with 800 litres water and lightweight pump. It provides Off Road Fire-Fighting Support to any Station in East Sussex.

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