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Bexhill Community Fire Station

The present building replaced the original(1896) in Beeching Road in 1971.

The station provides cover for an area of approximately 45 sq miles and co-coordinated response to Rope Rescue Incidents with Battle Fire Station.

Bexhill consists of many large converted Victorian properties and now incorporates Little Common and Sidley. Bexhill also serves the outlying villages of Hooe, Ninefield and Catsfield.

The Establishment is the number of posts required to make the Station fully resourced. This Station has an establishment of:-

  • 12 Wholetime Firefighters.
  • 19 Retained units.

Note: A Retained unit may be filled by more than one Retained firefighter depending upon the number hours that the firefighter can commit to.

The Retained Firefighters Drill night is Tuesday at 19.00 hrs.

Extended Rescue Pump

Volvo Extended Rescue Pump carrying a variety of ladders including a 12 metre ladder, 1800 litres water and a pump capable of supplying 2250 litres/min. It is a multi purpose appliance carrying a large amount of equipment including dedicated hydraulic rescue tools, water safety and rescue equipment, oxygen, etc.

Water Tender Ladder

Multi purpose appliance that carries both firefighting and rescue equipment. It carries 1800 litres of water and a pump that can deliver 2250 litres of water per minute.

Rope Rescue Vehicle

A dedicated 4 x 4 Vehicle equipped with specialist Rope Rescue Equipment and manned by a team of highly trained professionals, to undertake things such as Cliff Rescues, Rescues from High Rise Buildings or structures such as Masts etc, as well as confined spaces such as Wells and Silo's.

Incident Command Unit    

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