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Hove Community Fire Station

Hove Fire Station moved to the current building in English Close 1976 from a building in Hove Street used since 1927.

Wholetime crew of an Extended Rescue Pump and a High Volume Pump 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and provide cover for Hove and Portslade, an area of approximately 2386 hectares. Hove also supports Brighton, Lewes and Shoreham (West Sussex) stations.

Station Manager

Darran Sampson

Telephone: 0303 999 1000

Admin Support

Denise Moore

Telephone:0303 999 1000


English Close


East Sussex


The Establishment is the number of posts required to make the Station fully resourced. This Station has an establishment of:-

  • 53 wholetime firefighters.

Extended Rescue Pump    

Volvo Extended Rescue Pump carrying a variety of ladders including a 13.5 metre ladder, 1800 litres water and a pump capable of supplying 2250 litres/min. It is a multi purpose appliance carrying a large amount of equipment including dedicated hydraulic rescue tools, water safety and rescue equipment, oxygen, etc.

High Volume Pump    

A High Volume Pump (HVP) appliance consists of a Prime Mover (chassis, cab and hook-lift) and two de-mountable containers. The first container holds the de-mountable HVP known as a Hydrosub and one kilometre of 150mm hose. The second container holds a further two kilometres of 150mm hose. The Hydrosub is a hydraulically powered unit that can deliver a flow of up to 7,000 litres of water per minute and can pump up to a head of 60 metres. The appliance is for flooding and firefighting incidents.

Each Station Area has its own particular mix of risks and problems and tools such as FSEC help to identify and quantify these Risks.

This results in specific aims and objectives per station which are incorporated into the Station Action Plan.

The Station Action Plan highlights performance over the last year and the borough targets to which this station contributes for this year.

  • Station Action Plan
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