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Newhaven Community Fire Station

Newhaven Community Fire Station is part of Saxon House - a building we share with Lewes District Council and Sussex Police. 

Officially opened in 2016, Saxon House includes a large open-plan shared office area with meeting rooms and also a large community, training and briefing room, with lift access. There is also a gym which can be jointly used by all staff in the building, which is important for both staff well-being and fitness levels.
Lewes District Council and Sussex Police operate a shared reception on the ground-floor, which will be open to the public Monday to Friday from 1000 – 1400hrs.

Wholetime and retained firefighters crew two pumping appliances. A specialist team for maritime firefighting is based here covering the port and the whole East Sussex coastline.

Newhaven provide a Co-coordinated response with service flexible duty officers.

Newhaven consists of a varied area of shipping, residential and rural risks. 

The Establishment is the number of posts required to make the Station fully resourced. This Station has an establishment of:-

  • 15 wholetime firefighters.
  • 19 retained units.

Note: A Retained unit may be filled by more than one Retained firefighter depending upon the number hours that the firefighter can commit to.

The Retained Firefighters Drill night is Wednesday at 19.00 hrs.

Extended Rescue Pump    

Volvo Extended Rescue Pump carrying a variety of ladders including a 13.5 metre ladder, 1800 litres water and a pump capable of supplying 2250 litres/min. It is a multi purpose appliance carrying a large amount of equipment including dedicated hydraulic rescue tools, water safety and rescue equipment, oxygen, etc.

Water Tender Ladder    

Multi purpose appliance that carries both firefighting and rescue equipment. It carries 1800 litres of water and a pump that can deliver 2250 litres of water per minute

Foam Unit    

A dedicated vehicle that is able to produce a high quantity of foam specifically for use at major incidents such as incidents involving Aircraft, Fuel Tankers or Fuel storage facilities. Foam is used to smother fire and prevent damage to adjoining property etc. It is also widely used to prevent fire spreading.

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