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Local Data Transparency

Local Data Transparency

The Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) issues the Local Government Transparency Code to meet the government's desire to place more power into citizens' hands to increase democratic accountability. 

It is designed to make it easier for local people to contribute to the local decision making process and help shape public services.

The index below will take you to various locations on this website where you can find the information set out by the code.

We have also included links to other information which, while not required by the Code, is published to meet the requirements of other legislation or simply as a source of additional information.

Incident Data

The files below contains information on all incidents since April 2013.

They are large data files in Comma Separated Values (CSV) format and you will need an program to be able to use it.

Microsoft Excel would be one choice but a number of other programs can also be used.

Information about using CSV files with Microsoft Excel can be found on the Microsoft Office help website.

Registers open to public inspection

(and arrangements for access to the contents)

The following registers are available for public viewing at:

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters
Church Lane
East Sussex


To make arrangements please Telephone: 0303 999 1000 and ask to speak the indicated contact person.

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