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Response and resilience

East Sussex Fire Authority is committed to ensuring it fulfils its statutory duties for responding to emergency incidents as prescribed within the Fire & Rescue Services Act 2004 and the Emergency Order 2007. The Authority, through its Integrated Risk Management Planning processes, reviews and defines how it will fulfil its statutory duties and despatch the appropriate level of resources to emergency incidents.

To that end, the Authority will ensure that the Service has the following key functions fully embedded within its business policies, plans and procedures, to ensure that they are both robust and resilient:

  • Emergency call handling and life saving advice provision.
  • Operational appliances and equipment remaining in a high state of operational readiness.
  • Provision for the housing of operational appliances and equipment at strategic positions within the Service’s main conurbations commensurate with risk and agreed Service Standards.
  • Operationally competent crews with the key skills to deliver a response service.
  • Key sources of operational intelligence to ensure risk based information remains current.
  • Effective water supplies (hydrants, High Volume pump, water carriers and access to open water).
  • Fire Investigation capability at post emergency incident phase capability.
  • Effective and efficient partnership working to ensure good operational practice is shared.
  • Appropriate levels of training and awareness of effective customer service standards including those appropriate to meeting the needs of our diverse local communities including those who are vulnerable.

The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 places additional responsibilities upon the Fire Authority as a Category One responder. The Authority will work in close partnership with the Sussex Resilience Forum to ensure there is a robust community risk register and pre-planning arrangements in place in the event of a major incident occurring, whilst taking close account of its own business continuity arrangements to guarantee its core emergency response services remain effective during such events.

In accordance with the Fire and Rescue National Framework, East Sussex Fire Authority will also have regard to the National Risk Register and collaborate with wider Category 1 and 2 responders to ensure interoperability when responding to regional or national events.

Through the National Resilience programme, the Authority will ensure its operational response capability is maintained for the High Volume Pump and Incident Response Unit, stationed and crewed within our local area. The Authority will strive to ensure that, when required, these assets along with the required complement of competent personnel will be released as a national resource to deliver a sustained, effective response to major incidents and emergencies. In so doing, the Authority will put in place such arrangements so as to ensure the safety and welfare of these personnel. In addition, the Authority will ensure its own local operational capability is sustained at least to minimum standards to meet its statutory duties.

The Authority recognises that sound and robust intelligence is fundamental for effective and cross services pre-planning. To that end, the Authority fully supports the National Incident Liaison Officer (ILO) scheme in relation to national counter terrorism events in line with the Government’s CONTEST document.

Latest Update :
25 October 2017
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