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Fees &  Charges

East Sussex Fire Authority does not charge for 999 emergency services (those that are life threatening or humanitarian).

However in some instances a charge may apply for dealing with certain types which are known as "Special Service" calls.

 The hiring of a major pumping appliance with crew per hour  £292.00

 The hiring of other pumping vehicles with crew per hour  £235.00

 The hire of hydraulic platforms or turntable ladders with crew per hour  £315.00 

 Large animal rescue per hour

 Dry Riser:
 Subsequent test at the owner’s request
 First Dry Riser
 Additional Dry Risers



Insurance companies etc.
Initial 2 hours: charged per hour or part thereof. Charges include preparation
time, travel to and from interview venue, cost of observer (the Service rules
require an officer to be present at interviews).

After 2 hours: After the end of the second hour there is a reduced rate
covering the cost of the interviewee and observer. The charge is applied per
hour or part thereof (in 15 minute segments).



 Copy of Petroleum Licences* £35.00

 Copy plans *  £40.00

 Standby at Venue  £292.00

 Fire Investigation Report  £313.00

 Chemical Protection Suit  £163.00

 Commercial Training
 One Day Course (Per Person)
 Customers Site (Per Session)
 Fire Talk (Per Person)

 Inspection of Plans for Marriage Act 1994 *  £120.00

 Environmental Search Fees *


Copy of documents – charges for this are based on a reasonable recovery of cost, i.e. hourly rate of person making copies plus postage costs

All fees and charges will have VAT added except those marked with “ * ”

Latest Update : 12 April 2019
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