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Freedom of Information Disclosure Log

Our Disclosure Log lists responses to requests made to us under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 which we feel are of wider public interest in demonstrating how we have made decisions, how we have spent public money or how we have used our resources.

Entries will be published after the two-month period allowed for requesting an internal review of our response.

Please note that we will not publish enquiries where we do not hold the information requested, or those which contain personal or defamatory material.

Please see our Freedom of Information page for advice and guidance on accessing information regarding East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service.

037-202019/20 Headcount29 October 2020
006-19Animal Fatalities08 April 2019
043-20Asset Management29 October 2020
064-19BBQ Related Incidents14 August 2019
116-19Call Out Numbers19 February 2020
055-19CCTV Contract19 August 2019
129-19Change of Rota19 February 2020
011-20Changes to the Fire Service Since 201510 September 2020
030-19Commercial Property Fires23 May 2019
040-20Construction Site Fires29 October 2020
062-19Contracts Register18 August 2019
032-20Electric Appliance Fires27 August 2020
118-19Enforcement/Prohibition/Prosecutions19 February 2020
127-19EU Nationals19 February 2020
092-19Fire Inspections in Care Homes12 December 2019
033-19Fire Personnel Injury Compensation12 June 2019
024-20Fire Rescues/Evacuations29 October 2020
036-20Fire Risk Statistics29 October 2020
046-20Fire Safety Audits29 October 2020
025-20Fire Safety Standards (Cladding)29 October 2020
050-19Fire Service PR Spending22 July 2019
009-20Firefighter Maternity Leave10 September 2020
081-19Fires in Schools21 November 2019
065-19Fleet & Incident Numbers27 August 2019
080-19Fleet List21 November 2019
020-20Fleet Vehicles/Accidents27 August 2020
136-19Fuel Management19 February 2020
122-19High Rise Buildings/Fire Strategy...19 February 2020
132-19Hoax Calls19 February 2020
042-20HR Transformation Projects29 October 2020
045-20ICT Documents29 October 2020
125-19Incident Ground Technology19 February 2020
001-20Information Governance Contacts10 September 2020
041-20IT Contracts29 October 2020
005-19LAN Contract18 April 2019
038-20LGPS Information29 October 2020
053-19Malicious False Alarms 2014-1921 July 2019
059-19Mental Health Absences03 August 2019
016-20Met Office Hazard Manager Service10 September 2020
052-19Non-Disclosure Agreements30 July 2019
138-19Obese Patients19 February 2020
089-19Pay Scales & Staff Numbers21 November 2019
051-19Pension Scheme14 July 2019
126-19Printers & Associated Contracts19 February 2020
063-19Procurement Software18 August 2019
100-19Rank/Management Ratios12 December 2019
040-19Records Management30 June 2019
139-19Reduced Ignition Propensity Research19 February 2020
005-20Refurbishment Works Fires10 September 2020
101-19Second Jobs12 December 2019
085-19Sickness Absence21 November 2019
123-19Software Products19 February 2020
041-19Staff Numbers (Headcount)28 June 2019
044-20Telephone Maintenance Contract29 October 2020
074-19Telephone System21 November 2019
028-19Telephony & Broadband Contracts10 June 2019
119-19Telephony/Communications19 February 2020
023-20Thefts from Fire Engines29 October 2020
090-19Vehicle Information21 November 2019
094-19Vehicle Purchases21 November 2019
019-19White Goods Fires15 April 2019
107-19Wholetime Recruitment - Applications...12 December 2019
049-19Wild Fires17 July 2019
022-20Wildfires27 August 2020
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