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Privacy notice

Privacy Notice

This privacy notice tells you how we go about collecting personal information from visitors to our website.

We collect very little private information, so you can be sure we are not holding information about you that should worry you.

There are two ways in which we collect private information via our website:

  • Online forms
  • Cookies


There are three  forms on our website:

  • Online - General feedback form
  • Online - Black Museum feedback form
  • Downloadable form - Request for a home safety visit form

General feedback and Black Museum feedback forms.

The general feedback form can be used to send us feedback, comments and suggestions on anything relating to our website or organisation in general. It has two optional fields asking for a name and email address.

The Black Museum feedback form also asks for a name and email address.

Any names and email addresses given to us are only used to contact the person who filled in the form and for nothing else.

We sometimes keep the feedback, but names and email addresses are deleted when we have finished with them.

Paper Forms

Home Safety Visit form

This form is used to ask for a free home safety visit and needs more personal information, including address details.

This information is kept by us for as long as it is needed. When we no longer need it we send it to the East Sussex Record Office. After ten years it is destroyed confidentially.

For as long as we keep this information we use it only for the purpose of administering home safety visits.

You may ask to have your personal details removed by contacting:

  • Community Safety Team
  • East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service
  • Eastbourne Community Fire Station
  • Whitley Road
  • Eastbourne
  • East Sussex
  • BN22 8LA 

Information Sharing Agreement

Clients of Adult Social Care (ASC) will be asked to give their consent or otherwise to their information being provided to East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service (ESFRS) in order that they can be contacted by ESFRS to be offered a free home safety visit.

However, in order to safeguard those clients who have neither consented nor withheld their consent to their information being shared for this purpose, there is an agreement in place with ESFRS that information on known clients will be passed over by ASC in order that these clients can be contacted by ESFRS to be offered a free home fire safety visit.

No sensitive personal information is passed onto ESFRS by ASC. This information sharing agreement aims to increase the number of clients taking up the offer of a home safety visit, and subsequently reduce the number of fire related injuries or deaths within East Sussex’.


There has been a lot of press and internet coverage in recent times about websites and the use of Cookies.

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) provides help and advice on this and suggests another website, www.allaboutCookies.org which has more information about Cookies, how they are used and how they can be managed.

There is a lot of information available but it all boils down to:

Cookies are not:

  • Used for intrusive spying
  • Programmes

However Cookies are:

  • Simple text files - anyone can view their contents using a text editor or word processor
  • Designed to make using websites easier

So how do Cookies work?

Not all websites use Cookies but when you visit a website for the first time, if it uses Cookies, it will download one or more onto your computer.

Then, whenever you visit that website your computer will check to see if it has any of its Cookies. If it does, the Cookie's information is sent back to the website.

The website then 'knows' that you have been there before and 'remembers' how you like to use it.

(You will notice this in action if you visit a website that displays something like "Hello XXXXXX, welcome back".)

Why should you allow the use of Cookies?

Cookies are used in a huge number of ways but generally they might record:

  • How long you spend on each page on a site
  • The links you click
  • Your preferences for page layouts and colour schemes

They are often used for online shopping and most shopping websites would be much more difficult to use without Cookies.

If you choose not to allow Cookies some websites will not look so good or work so well. You may find that menus stop working and that you can't easily move around the site.

By allowing the use of Cookies you can make using some websites much easier.

Why you might not want to allow the use of Cookies.

You should have no worries about security when using Cookies as there is no personal information stored in them.

However, your views on how organisations collect information could mean you do not want them to use Cookies to store any details about you.

How do you prevent the use of Cookies?

You have control over the use of Cookies via your browser's settings.

You can block the use of all Cookies and then allow their use for websites that you select.

Each browser goes about this slightly differently and you should check out your browser's options.

To find out more about Cookies, including how to see what Cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, visit www.allaboutCookies.org

You should think carefully about using this method, as a lot of websites might not then work as you would think. You could also find yourself always having to allow individual websites to use Cookies.

Please note that we are unable to give advice on the use of browser specific settings.

East Sussex Fire & Rescue's website and the use of Cookies

The following table contains information about all of the Cookies that might be in use by this website.

The actual Cookies in use at any given time will depend on the features that are currently in use.  For example this site does not use the eShop feature.

Feature Cookie Name
 Purpose What will happen if you disable Cookies on this site? Does the Cookie Persist?
Is the cookie essential?


As visitors browse and interact with the web site, activity such as completing a form is recorded on the web server and this token allows us to refer to the user session data on the server between pages.

More information: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/899918

No loss of function but there will be a very minor delay before each page load as authentication would be triggered for every page visited whereas the cookie instantly confirms visitors as anonymous



Access Keys


Stores shortcut key preferences between visits

Personal Access Key shortcuts will not be remembered between visits

 Yes  No
 Buildportal  PortalModuleUserId

Stores portal state for non-logged in users so that if they visit again, portal preferences including portlet positions are remembered.

BuildPortal will reset upon each visit for non-logged in users, for logged in users, their preferences are stored in the database

 Yes  No

Cookie Consent


Stores the consent status of the current user for cookies, only set if they consent

Site will prompt for Cookie Consent upon each visit

 Yes  No

Decision Tree


Stores the selection state of the decision tree between visits to the page

The Decision Tree state will reset between visits to the page

 Yes  No

eShop Order ID


Stores order reference for users before they login

Non-logged in users cannot add items to their basket

 No  Yes


Stores whether an interstitial has been viewed / closed so it doesn’t reappear for the current user

Interstitials will persist for the current user for those pages that convey them, such as language preference

 Yes  No


Stores the locale (language) preference of the current user if they are not logged in

From v6.5+ there will be no loss of function as locales are maintained through the URL path

 Yes  No

Remember Me


Stores authentication token between visits so users don’t have to login on each visit

Users who wish to access restricted content or services will need to login upon each visit to the site

 Yes  No

Mobile Redirect


Stores mobile device users’ preference for either the web or mobile site

Users will be asked upon each visit whether they would prefer to visit the web or mobile optimised site

 Yes  No
 Polling  EasysiteUserHasVoted

Stores whether the current user has already voted in the poll, preventing multiple voting

Single users will be able to vote multiple times in online polls

 Yes  No

Tabbed Container


Stores the ID of the Active Tab as selected by the user

Held tab states will be lost between visits to the page

 No  Yes

Tracking Codes


Stores tracking code for donations, part of eShop

Donations may not be attributable to specific fundraising campaigns

 No  Yes
Cookie information for this website

Cookies set by other websites

This privacy notice does not cover the use of Cookies by other websites and we would ask you to read the privacy statements of other websites you visit.

Ultimately you can use your browser's settings to control the use of Cookies by any website.

Below is some information about the use of Cookies for three of the main sites we link to.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful tool, used on thousands of websites. It allows us to see what information people are viewing on our website.

One of the key benefits for a public organisation like East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service is that it is a free service. This plays a small part in helping us keep our costs, and your council tax bill, down.

If you want to opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites visit tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout


You will find a number of YouTube videos embedded across our website.

To do this we use YouTube's privacy-enhanced mode which may set Cookies on your computer when you click on a YouTube video.

However, YouTube will not store personally-identifiable Cookie information for playbacks of embedded videos.

Google maps

You can control the use of Cookies for Google maps using your browser's settings but this will affect how you can use Google maps outside of our website which may not suit your purposes.

Read Google maps Privacy notice for more information
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