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Planning for a Safer Future

We want to make sure we put our resources in the right place, at the right time to deal with emergencies and help prevent them in the first place.

We would like your views as we set our future priorities.

We are working on a new integrated risk management plan called Planning for a Safer Future. 

This looks at the risks of emergencies such as fires within the communities of East Sussex and Brighton and Hove and then examines how best resources can be used to prevent emergencies and to respond to them.

We already know we will have to be innovative in order to do this now and in the future.

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Community Fire Station Risk Profiles

These assess the risks in the local area. 

As well as responding to incidents, these help inform our work to prevent emergencies. 

This may include activities in schools, inspections in businesses and open days at our Community Fire Stations. 

It is important to get this balance right. 

We also work closely with other organisations to make our communities safer.

Latest Update :
02 April 2020
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