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"Fire may start at anytime, anywhere, for reasons you do not expect!"  
Nero (Great fire of Rome)

The Black Museum has been created to highlight key safety messages from real fires. 

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Product Safety Recalls

Manufacturers occasionally recall products with potential safety problems.


Register Your Appliance

Register your appliances

Register your appliances to receive automatic notifications if one is subject to a product recall. 


Be Your Own Hero Quiz 

Fire investigators across the UK work hard to find out the causes and our Black Museum brings together some of these cases. 



Have you had a fire / are you a Fire Investigator? 

Professional, personal or commercial, why not share your experience on the Black Museum.

  • How it happened
  • The effect it had
  • The safety advice would you give 

Email our Fire Investigation team


Find a case study

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Contributing organisations

Defence Fire & Rescue Service (DFRMO) - Derbyshire FRS - Devon & Somerset FRS - East Sussex FRS - Hampshire FRS - Kent FRS - London Fire Brigade - Merseyside FRS - West Sussex FRS - West Yorkshire FRS

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