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Fire caused by carelessly discarded smoking materials

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Carelessly discarded lighter

Carelessly discarded lighter


Cigarette Papers

How this fire happened

The occupier managed to safely evacuate the property but re-entered the premises after realising his pet dog was still inside.

The occupier and dog then had to be rescued by fire service crews and were subsequently treated for suffering smoke inhalation. 

The effect it had

Safety message

Always use an ashtray when smoking and remember to take care when emptying the contents.

Ensure cigarettes are completely extinguished and avoid emptying ashtrays immediately before leaving a premises or going to bed.

We would always advise that in case of fire you "Get Out, Stay Out & Call the Fire & Rescue Service Out!"

It's easy to say never put yourself in danger to rescue animals, but we recognise that we love our pets and consider them family members.

Plan for their safety now in the event that you should experience a fire - so that you don't feel compelled to go back into a burning building to rescue a pet.

Remember that in most cases, animals will flee from a fire through an open door or window.

As ever, remember that a working smoke alarm will give you extra seconds to make a safe exit. 

Further information

Do you have a similar story?

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