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What people say about the Black Museum

How this fire happened

"An excellent way of passing on the fire safety message with cautionary tales. It really makes you think about fire safety."

"I think that the Black Museum was extremely interesting. It highlights some obvious simple safety checks that a lot of people forget. The Black Museum has definitely changed my way of thinking and made me more alert to the potential dangers of household objects."

"I think this is an excellent idea to help educate people of situations to avoid."

"Very interesting. It can be hard for children to imagine how something can lead to a life threatening fire but this lets them see the link between the cause and result much easier."

"The website [Black Museum] makes information on causes and effects and fire safety more accessible."

"The site was informative and showed that even the smallest of things can cause fires."

The effect it had

Safety message

"..."The Black Museum" was a little gem that I'm glad to have discovered. So often we are exposed to news stories of fires, and whist many focus on on real-time "excitement" of a live fire, too few emphasize the charred aftermath of a conflagration. "The Black Museum" does this in a wonderfully morbid (if that makes sense!) style." 

 "Congratulations on coming up with this idea - I think it is long overdue."

"I visited the site after it was mentioned on 'Real Rescues' on TV. I found it quite frightening but very interesting and informative. I think everyone should see it."

"Thank you. I will rush home and move a magnifying glass from a table by a south facing window."

"I think the website is a really useful resource to show the reality of how everyday items can potentially become a nightmare. Great for use at work (nursing home) for educating staff."

Further information

Do you have a similar story?

We would be interested to hear from you if you have had a similar experience to the fire detailed above, or would like to raise any related matters or even just generally comment on how useful you found our Black Museum.

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