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Free Safer Business Training Programme

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Your Business is Our Business

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service’s Safer Businesses Training Programme has been set up to deliver free Introduction to Business Fire Safety courses to businesses within East Sussex and Brighton & Hove.

Our aim - To support our local businesses by encouraging fire safety. 

Your business is our business

As a Fire and Rescue Service we have a statutory duty to prevent fires and alongside this we recognise that any disruption to your business no matter what the cause will have a significant impact on your ability to trade.

A fire that closes you down even if only temporarily could make a huge difference to your business, not to mention the potential costs and damage to your reputation if you are found liable or the human cost should someone be killed or seriously injured.  

We want to encourage businesses to think about safety for both their employees and everyone else that they come in to contact with and to take appropriate action to help prevent loss of property and life and to prevent serious injury to people who are either in or near their business premises.

By raising awareness of fire safety we aim to increase business viability leading to enhanced employment opportunities for the residents of East Sussex and Brighton & Hove.

We want to support our local businesses and help them to grow. 

What's in it for me? 

Our training is designed to give you the tools you need to be able reduce the risk to your business from fire and ultimately make it safer for your employees, customers and your local community. This in turn will bring you cost benefits.

This training has been produced in a way to help you manage this. We want to make the legislation and your responsibilities easier for you to understand in order to help you stay in business.

In short, we’re here to help. 

We want to keep you in business  

We recognise that there are increasing pressures on small and medium sized business and that sometimes businesses may find themselves compromising their fire safety and in favour of other pressing concerns. 

Saving you money

Taking action to safeguard your business will help you to reduce your risk of fires and other work related incidents as well as the potential legal action which is a costly and timely business for all concerned.

In addition to this, improving working conditions and making your employees safer whilst they go about your business will not only reduce staff turnover costs and absenteeism through sickness and accident related injuries but it will also enhance your reputation and will make you an employer of choice.

Enhancing your reputation 

Businesses who take preventative action with regards to the safety of their workplace, their employees, their customers and their local community will not only be safer but they can also boost their reputation which will in turn have a positive impact on their business.

Reducing the risk

Reducing risk around the workplace by minimising the health and safety risks posed to employees, customers and local communities by opting for safe technologies, facilities and working practices means you will invariably will reap the rewards.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than a cure.

Information on the Introduction to Business Fire Safety course.

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07 June 2016
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