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Renewed commitment to road safety pledged for Project Edward

Date : 20 September 2017

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East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is renewing its commitment to road safety as it marks Project Edward.

Project Edward - “European Day Without a Road Death” – is run by TISPOL, the European-wide Traffic Police network. It's target is that no one should die on the roads of Europe on 21 September each year.

It believes that changing people's behaviour is key to making roads safer and asks that people sign up to its pledge.

Chief Fire Officer Dawn Whittaker said:

"East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service asks that every road user signs up to the Project Edward pledge. We all want to arrive at our destination safely but too often that doesn't happen."

She added:

"It is important to remember this isn't just about one day and our commitment to improving road safety continues throughout the year with activities and campaigns.

For example, our Safe Drive Stay Alive initiative helps younger people to understand the risks they face as they begin to drive, and our Biker Down workshops teach bikers what they can do to keep safer and what to do if they come across an accident. We organise events to get tyres, trailers and bicycles checked, events for those who have horses, we hold open days and local Safety in Action events for children.

We can't reach everyone but know that families and friends can be very influential when it comes to getting others to think about road safety. We hope that you will share the road safety pledge and get others you know to sign up."

Project Edward - My road safety pledge  

I promise that I will:
•    Remind my family, friends and colleagues to take extra care on the roads.   
•    Put my lights on for safety.   
•    Drive as safely as I can and follow the rules when behind the wheel or riding a motorbike or bicycle.     
•    Be extra vigilant and attentive to the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, children, older people and horse riders.
•    Drive at speeds that are both legal and safe.
•    Carry out proper safety checks on my tyres.
•    Pay particular attention when driving near schools, and where there are lots of children.
•    Never drive after drinking alcohol or taking drugs/medicines that could impair safety.
•    Look as far ahead as possible and not tailgate other drivers
•    Always wear my seat belt and ensure that everyone with me wears theirs.
•    Not use my mobile phone while driving.
•    Ensuring I am not distracted by anything inside or outside the car, or inside my head.
•    Set a good example to my passengers by driving calmly and safely.

Sign the pledge and find out more about Project EDWARD: https://projectedward.eu/pledge/


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