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Sprinklers save lives and property- Brighton Lanes car park fire

Date : 23 July 2018


East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is calling for more sprinklers to be installed in commercial properties after a fire was prevented from taking hold in a Brighton car park.

At 14:18 on 22 nd July, crews from Uckfield, Seaford, Lewes, Roedean, Brighton and Hove attended a car fire in Laines Car Park, Black Lion Street, Brighton.  Crews used six breathing apparatus, one hose reel and one main jet to extinguish the fire.  The fire is believed to have been an accidental ignition. 

Firefighters were assisted by the fact that the car park had sprinklers installed which were triggered and helped to extinguish the fire. 

Sprinklers save lives and property

Andrew Gausden, Business Safety Manager said:  “As demonstrated in this case, sprinklers can significantly reduce fire, heat and smoke damage. The good news is that they have become more accessible and cost effective for installation in commercial and residential premises.” 

Sprinklers do more than people realise

They safeguard:  

  • people
  • firefighters
  •  jobs
  • homes
  • businesses
  • the economy
  • the environment    

Greater uptake of fire sprinklers would make the country more resilient and competitive, and help ensure that needless fires do not hinder continuing economic recovery.

Do you know the true cost of fire?

The average cost of a fire in a domestic property is estimated at £44,523

Commercial fires cost more than £2bn to the UK's economy every year

The Department for Communities and Local Government estimates the cost of a fire fatality at £1.65m.

Myth Busters

  • Not every fire sprinkler goes off when there is a fire. It is common for just one or two sprinklers to control a fire until the fire service arrives 
  • Fire sprinklers respond to heat. Once activated, a sprinkler delivers water directly to the fire and can set off an alarm to evacuate occupants and alert the local fire service
  • Fire sprinklers are cost beneficial to install. The cost of sprinklers is a small fraction of the potential risks and costs associated with a fire

For further information regarding the benefits of sprinklers: www.esfrs.org/business/sprinklers/


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