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Brighton Beach Patrol- Working with porpoise!

Brighton Beach Patrol- Working with porpoise!
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On Friday evening, East Sussex Fire and Rescue joined other agencies including the Coastguard and Sussex Police to support a demonstration of the ‘Dolphin 1’ on Brighton Beach.

Life-saving asset

Resolve Security have recently donated a ‘Dolphin 1’ remote controlled lifebuoy to Brighton Beach Patrol. Brighton Beach Patrol is the first organisation to deploy the Dolphin 1 in the UK.  This is a life-saving asset which offers the ability to launch and navigate a lifebuoy to a casualty in the water instantly and has a 150 meter range.  The ‘Dolphin 1’ offers immediate buoyancy to anyone that has fallen into rough sea until the lifeboat /Coastguard crews arrive, without further risk to life. This asset will be a great addition to Brighton Beach Patrol and expands the beach patrol’s officers’ capability.

Jason Roberts (Brighton Beach Patrol & Resolve Security) said: “It’s been an exciting weekend for the city and Friday’s demonstration was a fantastic opportunity for local agencies to see the deployment of Dolphin 1.  I honestly believe this life saving asset will offer a casualty immediate buoyancy during those vital few minutes before emergency services arrive.”

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Integral to the reduction in drowning fatalities

Susan Taylor (ESFRS Water and Road Safety Co-ordinator) said: “Brighton has a high proportion of students (approx.15%) and has had an issue with drowning associated with alcohol – East Sussex was considered a high risk county by RLSS UK after statistics revealed 48 people accidentally drowned in the five years to 2017 and 13 of these (27%) were found to have alcohol in their system.  

There can be no doubt that the part Brighton Beach Patrol play in protecting vulnerable people and to save lives by preventing people from entering the water at night. Brighton Beach Patrol prevents anti-social behaviour and are a visual deterrent to stop possible crime. With the aid of the Dolphin 1, not only will they potentially be able to save the lives of those who enter the sea in dangerous conditions, but also the lives of the Patrol Staff who perform those rescues.  The Brighton Beach Patrol aided by the Dolphin 1 are integral to the reduction in drowning fatalities in Brighton.  


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