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Businesses urged to protect against festive fire risks

Date : 19 November 2019

Festive displays safety warning

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is reminding businesses, especially shops, hotels and bars, of the importance of fire safety ahead of Christmas.  

Pup Upton from the Service’s Business Safety team said:  

“Many retailers will have ordered in extra stock for the festive season. This needs to be stored carefully so that emergency escape routes are not compromised, or travel distances extended. There’s no excuse for blocking emergency exits and putting lives at risk. You might need to review your fire risk assessment”.  

He also added:  

“We also know that more people will be out and about enjoying the Christmas spirit. Hotels, bars and pubs which are hosting parties need to be aware that their customers may need extra help if there’s an emergency. Training any new staff you take on can make all the difference so please take the time to make sure they know what to do. Above all, we want our local businesses to have a safe and profitable festive season.”  

Handy hints for a safe festive season  

Decorate with care!  

Many types of Christmas decorations use electricity, and whilst well-maintained decorations do not pose a fire safety risk, overloading an electrical power outlet can. Make sure not to plug too many of your decorations into the same outlet to avoid overheating and the risk of an electrical fire. Also, check to ensure that you are using decorations with the correct fuse rating in the plugs – this is an important safety device in the fight against fire.  

Test Your Fire Alarms Regularly  

Regularly maintaining and testing your fire alarm is not only a legal requirement. but it also gives you the opportunity to check the alarms are working properly.  You don’t want a false alarm when you’re business is packed full of customers. Remember to keep a record of the test.  

Tidy up  

Good housekeeping is important too. Keeping things tidy and ensuring that rubbish is cleared away promptly means you’re doing your bit to keep your business, staff and customers safe. It’s also worth checking that your rubbish can’t be set alight – arsonists often look for an easy target and you can prevent that from happening.       


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