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False alarms prompt safety reminder

Date : 13 March 2019

Fire Alarm Box

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is reminding householders and businesses of the importance of checking their fire alarms are working properly.

It’s after the Service was called out to eight incidents in 24 hours – a third of the calls it attended.

Many of them were in Brighton.

Nigel Cusack is Group Manager for the City of Brighton and Hove and Lewes.

He said:

“We are clearly concerned by the number of fire alarms we attend and are trying to reduce the number of unwanted fire calls.

We would ask local businesses to check their systems, ensure they are fully maintained and do all they can to prevent the fire service being called out unnecessarily.

A number of the calls yesterday were related to human behaviour, and could have been prevented.

The attendance of a fire appliance to incidents means we are not available to respond to real emergencies or  carry out important community safety work.”

For more advice please go to: https://www.esfrs.org/business-safety/reducing-false-alarms/ 


  • At 11:51 on 12 March 2019, the fire alarm was sounding at a supermarket on Pine Grove, Crowborough. A fire engine was sent and firefighters found that this was due to a system fault.
  • At 11:58, a fire engine attended a business on Freshfield Industrial estate, Stevenson Road, Brighton.  A system fault caused the fire alarm to sound.
  • At 14:41, a fire alarm sounded due to someone vaping at a property on Bartholomew Square, Brighton. The fire engine was turned back en route.
  • At 19:09, dust from workers caused an alarm to sound at a business on Wellington Road, Portslade. The alarm panel was reset prior to the arrival of the fire service.
  • At 20:10, a pan on food on a stove caused a flat to be smoke logged at an address on Pottingfield Road, Rye. Firefighters used a PPV fan to clear the smoke.
  • At 00:11 on 13 March 2019, a fire engine was sent to a business on Union Street, Brighton when an alarm sounded. It was reset prior to arrival of firefighters.
  • At 03:55, a fire engine was sent to a business at Brighton Marina when the alarm sounded. The incident was left with on site security. 
  • At 05:10, a fire engine attended at property at Greenways, Brighton. The alarm was sounding but there was no fire. The incident left with on site staff. 



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