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Fire Service’s Swift Action Saves Life of Elderly Resident

Date : 23 July 2019

Carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning

Swift action carried out by East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service resulted in a life potentially being saved.

A Bexhill crew were mobilised to a property in Hooe, which had recently been fitted with a carbon monoxide alarm, following a lifeline callout from an elderly resident, due to the CO alarm sounding.

Firefighters ventilated the property and after the crew investigated further called in the Gas Board to carry out an assessment of the property. This property had been recently fitted by a carbon monoxide alarm, as part of a Home Safety Visit, where the Safeguarding Team took action. A referral was also made to assess the resident for linked lifeline alarms.

Head of Prevention, David Kemp said, “This CO alarm undoubtedly alerted the resident quickly to the poisonous gas. The activation of a carbon monoxide alarm and subsequent rescue of the resident underlines the importance of installing the most appropriate warning devices to reduce risk within homes.

“A home safety visit by ESFRS staff will identify fire and other risks within the home and the advice that we provide will help people to live safer lives. You can refer yourself or others by calling 0800 177 7069.”

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service started gifting CO alarms last year, following an increase in carbon monoxide poisonings nationally, which gave us the opportunity to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisonings across our Service area.

Whilst we are not specifically funded for this additional equipment we fund supply through our smoke alarm budget and target people with fossil fuel burning appliances or open fires. Action is taken where there is a perceived risk.

For further information on how ESFRS is keeping safe please click here.


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