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Look after our countryside in the hot weather

Date : 23 April 2019

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It is important to take extra care of our countryside during the hot weather, as grass fires can quickly get out of hand, causing wide-spread damage, as well as putting lives at risk.

Every year in the UK, 1,700 farm buildings and 66,000 acres of grassland are destroyed by fire. 

Overnight we were called to the following fires in the open:

  • At 18.05 yesterday (22 April) Uckfield firefighters were called out to a picnic bench fire in New Road, Ridgewood, Uckfield, where flexpacks were used to tackle the fire.
  • At 18.55 yesterday (22 April) Brighton firefighters were called to a BBQ fire in London Road, Brighton, where they made the area safe.
  • At 20.03 Lewes and Barcombe firefighters were sent to a fire in the open, in a field, off Alfriston Road, Seaford, which was extinguished by crews.
  • At 20.57 yesterday (22 April) Hailsham firefighters were sent to Caneheath, in Arlington, where they tackled a small fire in the open.

Some simple steps can keep our countryside and farms safe.

Campers and ramblers 

  • Avoid using open fires in the countryside
  • Sunlight shining through glass can start large fires - take glass bottles/jars home or put them in a waste or recycling bin
  • Keep young children and ball games away from barbecues
  • Extinguish cigarettes and other smoking materials properly
  • Only use barbecues in suitable and safe areas and never leave them unattended
  • Ensure that your barbecue is fully extinguished and cold before disposing of the contents
  • Only camp and picnic in designated areas
  • Obey safety signs
  • Never throw cigarette ends out of car windows - they can ruin whole fields of crops

Other overnight incidents

  • At 2.31 this morning (23 April) Hastings firefighters were sent to St Margarets Road, in St Leonards, following reports of a fire in a litter bin.
  • At 3.32 this morning (23 April) Hastings firefighters were sent to St Margarets Road,At 3.55 this morning (23 April) Eastbourne firefighters were sent to Oulton Close, in Eastbourne, following reports of a fire affecting two cars. Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus tackled the fire using one hose reel jet and 1-in-7 foam.



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