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Make your business safe from fire

Date : 17 September 2019

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East Sussex Fire and Rescue Services have attended 103 fire incidents in commercial premises this year. 

The service will be running a series of FREE Introduction to Business Fire Safety courses across the county in 2019/20.  This is a half day course, full of information and guidance to help businesses manage their fire safety requirements.

Aimed at small and medium-sized businesses within East Sussex, Brighton and Hove, the course provides information on: 

  • The Fire Safety Order (the law)
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Prevention
  • Your legal obligations and responsibilities
  • Human Behaviour
  • Business Continuity

It also includes real life case studies that businesses can relate to.


There is no cost for you to attend the course. The programme is funded by a local government business rates retention scheme.

In excess of 200 delegates have attended our courses from a wide range of businesses including local government, electrical contractors, storage companies and care homes. Everyone who attended has received information and guidance to help them manage fire safety within their businesses and stay within the law.

Feedback has been extremely positive from those who have attended;

“Really good trainer, used really good examples to describe scenarios and potential dangers. Very engaging.”

“A brilliant resource, thank you. You provided so much valuable information - for business and domestic.”

“Was very informative, in a relaxed professional manner.”

Dick Broady, Safer Business Training Administrator, said:

It is fantastic that we have been able to deliver the courses to date. Setting up each course brings its own unique challenges but the feedback we have received shows what a positive impact it has on those who attend. We continue to try to target the course at high-risk businesses and referrals are welcomed from all areas of East Sussex Brighton and Hove.

For more information contact Dick Broady on saferbusiness@esfrs.org, call 01323 462333 or see our website.


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