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Overnight incident round-up 1st February

Date : 01 February 2019

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Overnight, East Sussex Fire and rescue attended a variety of incidents:-

Road Traffic Collisions (RTCs)          

  • At 22:41, Roedean firefighters attended an RTC involving two vehicles on Warren Road, Woodingdean.  Crews made the scene safe.
  • At 23:37, firefighters from Hastings, Bexhill and Battle attended an RTC on Oakfield Road, Hastings.  A vehicle had hit a house.  Crews made the scene safe.  

Winter driving

When driving in snow, take it slow! Accelerate gently, using low revs. To avoid skidding, try pulling away in second gear, and avoid braking suddenly, which could lock up your wheels. More winter driving tips here: www.esfrs.org/your-safety/safer-roads/winter-driving/

Other incidents

  • At 21:25, firefighters from Roedean and Brighton attended a residential property on Turton Close, Brighton following reports of persons shut in a lift.  Crews released two people. 
  • At 23:16, Eastbourne firefighters attended a flooding in a residential building on Upperton Road, Eastbourne.  Crews carried out a Home Safety Visit. 
  • At 00:59, Eastbourne firefighters attended a vehicle fire on Pembury Road, Eastbourne.  Crews used one breathing apparatus and 1 in 7 foam to extinguish the van fire.  



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