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Overnight incident round-up 4th October

Date : 04 October 2019

Overnight, East Sussex Fire and Rescue attended a variety of incidents:-

  • At 19:03, firefighters from Bexhill attended a residential property on Brays Hill, Ashburnham following reports of a chimney fire.  Crews used a chimney kit to extinguish the fire.              

Chimney Fire Prevention Tips 

The number of chimney fires in the area have been slowly decreasing but even a small fire can cause significant damage and disruption. Fire isn't the only risk it's important to install a carbon monoxide alarm in any room that contains a solid fuel burning appliance.    

  • Make sure your chimney is swept regularly
  • Chimneys should be swept according to the type of fuel used:- 
  1. Smokeless fuels - at least once a year    
  2. Bitumous coal - at least twice a year   
  3. Wood - quarterly when in use  
  4. Oil - once a year
  5. Gas - once a year (Any work on gas appliances requires a Gas Safe registered installer/engineer) 
  • Keep chimneys and flues clean and well maintained
  • Be careful when using open fires to keep warm. Make sure you always use a fire guard to protect against flying sparks from hot embers
  • Ensure the fire is extinguished before going to bed or leaving the house
  • Ensure good quality fuel is used
  • Never interrupt the air supply by blocking air vents or air bricks 

Other incidents

  • At 19:19, Hove firefighters attended a fire in the open on Kingsway, Hove.  Crews used one Hose Reel to extinguish a bush fire.     
  • At 20:34, Eastbourne firefighters attended a property on Bermuda Place, Eastbourne following reports of persons shut in a lift.  Crews released four people.         
  • At 05:56, firefighters from The Ridge and Hastings attended a residential property on Harkness Drive, Hastings following reports of a fire.  Crews used two Breathing Apparatus and one Hose Reel to extinguish the fire.  Crews then used a Positive Pressure Ventilation fan to clear the property of smoke.  One resident was handed over in to the care of SECAMB after suffering from smoke inhalation.  Crews carried out a Home Safety Visit. 

Home Safety Visits

Did you know that we offer FREE Home Safety Visits?  To find out more about this service, visit: https://www.esfrs.org/your-safety/safer-homes/home-safety-visits/


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