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Technical Rescue Units sent to make a building safe in Eastbourne

Date : 29 January 2019

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East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service’s Technical Rescue Units, alongside Rope Rescue, were sent to make a dangerous structure safe in Eastbourne.

Last night (28 January) at 19.53 the three specialist units from Battle and Lewes, along with two additional appliances were mobilised to a building in Seaside, Eastbourne, following reports that a wall of a building was unstable.

An evacuation of the building was carried out and a Building Control Officer attended.

The Technical Rescue Unit assisted with the shoring of the building and an external scaffold company attended to reinforce the structure.

Three people were re-housed.

Rope Rescue Vehicle

A dedicated 4 x 4 Vehicle equipped with specialist Rope Rescue Equipment, used by a team of highly trained professionals, to undertake things such as Cliff Rescues, Rescues from High Rise Buildings or structures, as well as confined spaces.

Technical Rescue Unit 

A dedicated vehicle designed and equipped to provide specialist assistance at Road Traffic Collisions, Incidents involving Commercial Vehicles, Aircraft or Trains, Building Collapse, Trench Collapse. Also, incidents requiring specialist Environmental Protection equipment, operated by a dedicated, specialist team of experts.

Other overnight incidents 28/29 January


  • At 7.10 yesterday morning (28 January) three appliances from Bexhill and Hastings were sent to Ninfield Road, in Bexhill, following reports of a fire in the home. Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus tackled the fire on the first-floor of the property using one main jet and one hose reel jet. A Positive Pressure Ventilation Fan was used to clear smoke from the building. A fire investigation found the cause to be accidental.
  •  At 18.23 yesterday (28 January) Rye firefighters were sent to a chimney fire in Hillcrest, Rye, where they used a ladder to put out the fire and make the property safe. 

Preventing Fires in the Home

Be Your Own Hero and prevent a fire in your home. Find out what you can do to keep safe.

Chimney Safety

Residents can take precautions to prevent a chimney fire in the home including making sure your chimney is swept regularly and according to the type of fuel used. Find out more on how to keep safe, if you have a chimney, along with contact details for the National Association of Chimney Sweeps, to find a reputable chimney sweep near you.

Lift Rescue

  •  At 15.45 yesterday (28 January) firefighters were sent to rescue one person shut in a lift in Station Road, Lewes. 

We are committed to reducing the high number of non-emergency lift calls as they cost the public money and more importantly mean our crews are unavailable to respond to real emergencies. 

The potential of a lift stopping between floors or lift doors failing to open is a foreseeable event that does not always require the attendance of our fire crews. 

We expect that the building’s owner or occupants have a way to deal with these non-emergency events when they happen. You should not rely on calling 999.

You should make arrangements to provide a 24/7 non-emergency lift release service within a reasonable period of time, as well as communications facilities inside the elevator so a person can raise the alarm.

Here's what you can do to help.


  • At 4.47 this morning (29 January) Brighton firefighters were sent to The Linkway, Brighton, following reports of a smell of solvent from a shed. The crew gained access where they found a motorcycle leaking petrol. Firefighters used an Environmental Pack, along with sand, to absorb the leaking petrol. The area was made safe.


False Alarms

Overnight there have been a number of false alarms in Bexhill, Eastbourne, Newhaven, Brighton and Rye. Steps can be taken to reduce these and businesses are advised to take a look at what they can do to help.


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