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Whirlpool warning from Fire and Rescue Service

Date : 01 July 2019

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East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is calling on people to check whether their Whirlpool white goods are part of a Government warning.

The government is to issue an "unprecedented" recall notice of up to 500,000 Whirlpool tumble dryers which pose a fire safety risk.

The Whirlpool’s affected brands are Hotpoint, Indesit, Creda, Swan and Proline.

A fault has been blamed for at least 750 fires over an 11-year period, according to the government.

The Office for Product Safety and Standards says consumers whose Whirlpool tumble dryers have been modified can continue to use them safely, according to the instructions. However, those with an unmodified, affected tumble dryer have been told to unplug them and not use until they have been modified, free of charge, by Whirlpool.

Anyone still owning an affected dryer should contact the company immediately on 0800 151 0905.

Mark Matthews, Assistant Director of Safer Communities at East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said:

“We always recommend that you register your appliances as soon as you buy them. This way you can get updates if there is a safety issue with them. We also know that some of the fires we attend are caused by poorly maintained or older models which have signs of wear and tear. Checking things like cables or plugs for signs of scorching is really important. If you are in any doubt about the safety of the appliance, please don’t use it.”

Find out more advice,including which models are affected, from consumer group Which: https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/whirlpool-tumble-dryer-safety-alert#affected-creda-indesit-and-hotpoint-dryers 

Safety hints

  • Ensure you switch off your appliances when not in use~ unless they are designed to be left on. i.e fridges, electric clocks. 
  • Service appliances once a year by a qualified electrician.  
  • Ensure you have working smoke alarms and test them once a week.   
  • Create and practice an escape plan.  

We can also keep you safe by carrying out a free home safety visits.  Where our trainined staff will visit you in your home and give you advice on how to reduce the risks.  Please call 08001777069 to book yours now or alternatively please go to www.esfrs.org/your-safety/home-safety-visits for further information.  


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