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Celebrate Love Your Pets Day by making your home safer!

Date : 20 February 2020

It’s Love Your Pets Day and East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is giving a voice to pets worried about fire safety! 

Inspired by South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue’s ‘Protect Your Pets’ campaign, the Service has drafted in the support of our own furry friends down on the South Coast. 

Three new videos encourage owners to think more about electrical fire safety in the home. 

You can watch them here:  

What's on their mind - overloading sockets 

Beware of unbranded goods! 

Don't burn their fur - remember to switch off        

David Kemp, head of Community Safety said:

“We are a nation of animal lovers and we know that people will do almost anything for their pets. We are asking owners just to make a few simple changes which will make homes safer and reduce the chances of a fire in your home.”

Top tips 

The Service’s top tips to safeguard your pets from electrical fires are: 

  • Switch off electrical items on at night and when you’re out of the house – you’ll be less alert to a fire breaking out when asleep.
  • Buying electrical equipment which is safe and sound, not cheap and dodgy.
  • Remembering not to overload sockets.
  • Install a smoke detector and check regularly that it’s in working order.


For more information about electrical fire safety: www.esfrs.org/electricalsafety


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