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Child Safety Makes Sense

Date : 01 June 2020

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We are all spending more time at home, and for parents and carers of young children, it can be stressful to constantly supervise and keep the little ones safe.

So, please remember that the Child Home Safety Advice and Equipment Service continues to operate to support parents and carers. Home safety advice and assessments can be carried out by phone and smoke alarms can be posted, if required.

This scheme delivered by the Fire Service is commissioned by East Sussex Public Health to offer the service to more than 400 eligible families each year.

If you, or  anyone you know might be interested in this service please ask them to contact their Health Visitor, Children’s Centre Keyworker, Community Nursery Nurse or Social Worker to see if they are eligible to be referred for FREE advice and equipment.

The Fire Service is working in collaboration with the Child Accident Trust to raise awareness of childhood accidents during Child Safety week. Sadly, East Sussex has significantly higher hospital admission rates for accidental injuries for under 5s compared to other areas in England. Also, our hands and homes have never been so clean, but doctors are worried that young children stuck at home during lockdown may be at higher risk from an abundance of potentially poisonous things, from sanitiser to surface spray, paracetamol to pods. However, the steps to stop poisoning are simple.

Doctors are seeing an influx of children with burns and scalds linked to steam inhalation as parents incorrectly believe it helps cure Covid-19. There is no evidence that steam kills the virus and the incidents arise from the spillage of bowls of boiling water.

Help us to reduce accidental injuries and poisoning by promoting Child Safety Week and the Child Safety Advice and Equipment scheme Child. For more information about the safety equipment scheme please contact: Natalie.Greenaway@esfrs.org


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