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Don’t Miss Out on Your Chance to Become an On-Call Firefighter For Us

Date : 15 January 2020

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Apply now as January’s deadline is looming for On-Call firefighter job applications – don’t miss out!

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is urging people interested in becoming an On-Call firefighter to apply now.  

The latest round of applications closes on 31 January 2020 and we want to hear from you.

An On-Call firefighter is someone who responds to a range of fire and rescue service jobs. These can vary from emergency calls, working at open days, carrying out work within local communities and acting as an ambassador for the fire service.  

Does this sound like a job for you?

Every walk of life

Group Manager Matt Lloyd said:  

“We need enthusiastic people who want to help keep their community safe. Our On-Call firefighters come from every walk of life. For some people it’s their only job, others may be builders, farmers, office workers or directors of companies.”  

More than 90% of On-Call firefighters in East Sussex do their firefighting work alongside their day job.   

Full training is provided on an ongoing basis, therefore previous experience is not needed.  


An On-Call firefighter could be called out two or three times a week, for a few hours at a time. The On-Call hours are based around people’s availability and other commitments. To be an Cn-Call firefighter, you must:  

  • Have a strong desire to support the local community.
  • Be enthusiastic about working as part of a team.
  • Have a reasonable level of personal fitness.
  • Live or/and work within 5 minutes of your local fire station.

On-call stations

Stations looking for cover are as follows. If you want to find out more we’d be happy to see you on a drill night, excluding any emergencies or exercises we have to attend.  

More information can also be found at www.esfrs.org/oncall  


Recruitment Status  

Drill Night & Time


All cover considered - priority given to weekday day cover & weekends

 Wednesday - 1900


 Weekday daytime cover

 Tuesday - 1900


 Weekend & Weekday day cover

 Tuesday - 1900


 Weekday daytime and Weekend cover

 Monday - 1845

 Forest Row

 All cover considered

 Monday - 1900


 Weekend 24 hour cover & Weekday cover 06.00-18.00

 Monday - 1900


 Weekday and weekend cover

 Monday - 1845


 All cover considered

 Wednesday - 1900


 All cover considered

 Monday - 1900


 Weekday daytime cover & Weekend all day cover

 Wednesday - 1900


 Weekday daytime and Weekend cover

 Tuesday - 1845


 Daytime cover preferred

 Wednesday - 1845


 All cover considered

 Monday - 1900


 Daytime cover a priority

 Monday - 1900



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