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Family’s close call after kitchen fire in Lewes

Date : 04 September 2020

One person has been led to safety by firefighters after a fire in Lewes early this morning (4 September 2020).

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service was called out to a block of flats on Ousedale Close at 01.21.

The fire started in the microwave in the kitchen, while food was cooking.

Crews used two breathing apparatus and one hose reel to put the fire out.

A second adult and five children also needed re-housing due to the damage to the room.

Firefighter Sean Dartnell said:

“This must have been very frightening for all involved, but we know that it could have been a lot worse. The family had closed the kitchen door, which meant when the fire started, it was stopped from spreading quickly to other rooms. They also had working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms which went off.”

He added:

“We’d like to remind people of the importance of keeping an eye on cooking and ask that they follow our safety advice about alarms and night-time routines, such as closing doors and making sure things are switched off.”

Crews are spending time in the area to help locals who may be concerned or have questions about fire safety.

Night time safety check

Some easy steps to help keep your family safe while you sleep:

  • Switch off and unplug electrical equipment - only leave appliances on if they are designed to be left on, like your fridge
  • Close all internal doors at night to stop a fire from spreading
  • Check your cooker - make sure the grill, hob and oven are all turned off
  • Turn heaters off and put a guard in front of an open fire
  • Check candles are out - Never leave one burning when you go to sleep
  • Keep door and window keys where you can easily find them
  • Keep a phone at your bedside in case you need help
  • Don't leave the washing machine or tumble drier on whilst you are out or have gone to bed 



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