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Fire Authority meets to discuss Planning for a Safer Future

Date : 26 August 2020

East Sussex Fire Authority will meet on 3 September 2020 to discuss proposals for changes to East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service.

The Planning for a Safer Future consultation took place between 24 April and 19 June 2020, with the largest response to consultation in the Service’s recent history.

It set out proposals aimed to achieve a number of key principles and outcomes:

• We want to maintain 24 fire stations 

• We want to improve our risk cover and resilience by resourcing, as far as practicable, 24/7 availability of some fire engines that have historically had limited availability 

• We will balance our resources across the Service to reinvest in expanding building safety and prevention work we do in communities as well as firefighter safety

The responses to the consultation, along with engagement with staff and representative bodies, have led to a set of amended proposals being drafted which are set out on our website at www.esfrs.org/saferfuture and in the Fire Authority paper which can be found at: https://esfrs.moderngov.co.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=136&MId=141&Ver=4 

Due to the ongoing situation with Covid 19, the meeting will be held online and will start at 10.30am.You can find out instructions on how to join in the agenda of the Fire Authority paper.

What does a Fire Authority do?

The primary duties of the Fire Authority are:

• To provide a Fire Service and to ensure its efficiency

• To provide the efficient training of members of the Service

• To ensure that efficient mobilising and communications arrangements exist

• To make arrangements to obtain information needed for firefighting purposes

• To make arrangements to ensure that the steps are taken to mitigate damage to property through firefighting

• To make arrangements to provide fire safety advice

• To make arrangements to give mutual assistance to other Fire Services

• To ensure that adequate water supplies are available for firefighting purposes


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