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Fire Service Warning Over Burning of Domestic Waste

Date : 02 April 2020

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service would like to offer advice to residents due to an increase in incidents involving garden bonfires, which are getting out of control.

This increase is believed to be a result of the closure of household waste recycling centres, until further notice, caused by the current challenges with Covid-19.

Social distancing measures, put in place by the Government, mean that visits to these household waste recycling sites do not fall within the reasons for leaving your home.

The Service requests that residents refrain from garden bonfires, due to the increased fire risk that this creates. 

Additionally, garden fires cause both a nuisance to neighbours and other members of the public. With large numbers of residents remaining inside their homes self-isolating it is important that we can all get clean fresh air into our homes.

Whilst there are no laws against having a bonfire, there are laws for the nuisance they can cause.

Household waste should not be burned at all; if you do, you might be committing an offence and could face prosecution.  Further guidance can be accessed by clicking on the following link https://www.gov.uk/garden-bonfires-rules

A more responsible approach would be to compost, or recycle, your garden waste when local recycling centres re-open. These are not only safer options, prevent a potential offence being committed, but also better for the environment and for the more vulnerable members of our communities who are self-isolating at home during the Covid 19 outbreak.


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