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Incident round up 6 February 2020

Date : 06 February 2020

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service attended a number of incidents overnight between 5 and 6 February 2020.  

At 16:09, one fire engine was sent to Downs View in North Chailey. There was a chimney fire which had filled a room with smoke. Two breathing apparatus and a hose reel were used by crews. They re-inspected the property at 20.40 and a home safety visit was undertaken.  

At 17:06, a fire engine attended a property on Bedfordwell Road, Eastbourne. Steam from a shower had caused a false alarm.  

At 18:03, a fire engine attended Cade Street, Heathfield. The crew made the scene safe after a road traffic collision involving one private vehicle.  

At, 18:22, two fire engines attended a property on High Street, Brighton. Someone smoking under a detector head caused a false alarm.  

At 19:53, two fire engines attended Lansdowne Place, Brighton. Overheated food had caused a false alarm.  

At 20:22, a fire engine attended Southerham Roundabout, Lewes.   There was a large amount of rubbish alight. Two breathing apparatus and firefighting foam were used. Network Rail was in attendance as the incident was in close proximity to Railway and trains stopped due to smoke across track.  

At 21:10, one fire engine attended a commercial property on John Street, Brighton. It turned out to be a false alarm caused by smoke from a boiler.  

At 22:44, a fire engine attended Upperton Road, Eastbourne. It was a false alarm caused by overheated food.  

At 22:57, a fire engine attended shop premises in Brighton Marina, Brighton. There was a small fire in a server room. The crew used two breathing apparatus and a Co2 extinguisher to put the fire out. They used a thermal imaging camera to check the fire was out and a PPV fan to clear the smoke.


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