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Keep Kitchen Safe – Make Your Home Safer in 2020

Date : 21 January 2020

Look While You Cook

With more than half of accidental fires at home starting in the kitchen across East Sussex, Brighton & Hove, we are encouraging everyone to #LookWhileYouCook.

The latest kitchen fire happened yesterday (20 January) at a property in Mount Street, Battle, at 15.20. A small fire resulted in the flat becoming heavily smoke-logged and firefighters used a Positive Pressure Ventilation Fan to clear smoke from the flat. The resident had to be led to safety and was left in the care of the ambulance crew.

Quite often, kitchen fires happen when people are not paying attention, or they leave things unattended.

Find out how to keep safe while you are cooking and what to do if a fire starts in your kitchen.

Many incidents can be prevented by taking a few safety precautions.


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