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Overnight Incident Round-Up 13 January

Date : 13 January 2020

Arson and deliberate fires are a problem for the Fire Service, the Police and the Ambulance Service. They endanger lives and divert valuable resources. Overnight we were called to two bin fires.

Make sure your know how to keep your property safe by following these simple steps:


Rubbish is a ready sources of fuel for an arsonist, so fires involving rubbish can quickly spread to nearby homes and buildings putting lives at risk.

  • Only put rubbish and recycling containers out on collection days.
  • If you miss a collection contact your local council to report it.
  • Never store rubbish, or anything that can catch alight, in corridors, stair wells or escape routes.
  • Keep communal bin stores secure and well lit.
  • Store recycling containers a safe distance from buildings.
  • Don’t overload skips and get them removed when full.

Find out more by clicking here.

Other overnight incidents:


  • At 18.15 yesterday (12 January) a crew were sent to a fire in a woodland, where they tackled a wheelie bin fire in Court Road, Lewes.
  •  At 20.00 yesterday (12 January) firefighters were called to a chimney fire in Hillcrest Road, Newhaven.
  •  At 21.34 yesterday (12 January) a crew were sent to Denmark Villas, in Hove, where they tackled a wheelie bin fire using one main jet and one hose reel jet.
  •  At 21.45 yesterday (12 January) a crew were sent to Upper Park Road, in St Leonards, where they tackled a Christmas tree on a fire in a lay-by.


East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service were called to a number of false alarms in Brighton, Hove, Hastings, Ringmer and Eastbourne. Help us reduce false alarms by being aware of activities carried out near fire dectectors, particularly smoke detectors, which are often the cause of many false alarms. Find out what you can do to reduce these by clicking here.


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