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Remember tents are not exempt!

Date : 26 May 2020

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Take care in tents as they can easily become victims of fire but there are plenty of precautions that you can take to safeguard yourself and family.

In Eastbourne yesterday (25th May) firefighters attended a tent fire. Luckily, no one was involved in this incident but the crew had to use one hose reel jet to extinguish the fire.

If you are lucky enough to have a garden and thinking of sleeping outside in a tent, or caravan, please take extra care and remember that fire safety still applies.

Also, if you’re using a caravan on your premises it’s important to remember that they do not offer as much protection from fire as a house, or flat.

Remember you should fit both smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms inside your caravan for an early warning of any problems, to ensure you can safely escape.

Why not take this time now to get your caravan fit for purpose?

Here are some top tips to help keep you safe while enjoying the outdoors:

Carbon Monoxide & camping

The carbon monoxide from a badly adjusted camping light or stove can kill.

Barbecues in enclosed spaces are lethal, too.

  • Make sure your camping light and stove are clean and properly adjusted.
  • Never take a portable barbecue - or lit charcoal - into an enclosed space like a tent or caravan.
  • Make sure exhaust from generators is properly vented away from occupied areas Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a colourless, odourless, highly poisonous gas that can kill in minutes.
  • Carbon Monoxide poisoning can be caused by ANY fuel that burns or smoulders. 

Think about safety

  • If you smell gas, turn off at the main valve or cylinder and seek advice from an expert - don't use naked flames
  • Most furnishings are fire retardant, but be careful with cigarettes, matches and candles
  • Be tidy: boxes, cases and anything flammable in passageways and doorways may prevent you escaping in an emergency
  • Don't allow children to play or leave toys near a portable heater
  • In the event of a fire, make sure everyone in the mobile home knows, and get out as quickly as possible, without stopping to investigate the fire - call 999, clearly stating the location of the fire.

Outside problems 

  • Open fires and barbecues should not be held except with the permission of the responsible person
  • If permission is granted the open fire or barbecue should be on open ground away from vans, vehicles, awnings and structures
  • Areas around the mobile home should be clear of rubbish and other things which could catch alight easily
  • Road access and mobile home access should be kept clear to allow emergency services to get to you
  • Long grass and vegetation should be cut at frequent and regular intervals, and removed, to prevent it becoming a hazard.
To find out more on how to stay safe in your caravan please click here.

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