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Safe Drive, Stay Alive Goes Virtual!

East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service works with the other emergency services and agencies each year to deliver Safe Drive, Stay Alive (SDSA) to thousands of young people across East Sussex.


Safe Drive Stay Alive (SDSA) is produced by a partnership including Sussex Police, Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, South East Coast Ambulance Service and coordinated by East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service. 

Real People, Real Stories 

The objective is to reduce the number of people killed and seriously injured on the roads of East Sussex and Brighton and Hove. The show explores the consequences of getting involved in a road collision and is aimed specifically at young people who are at the age where they are either learning to drive, have just passed their test, or are becoming passengers with their friends who are already driving. Serving members of the police, fire and medical services give real-life accounts of local incidents they have witnessed. It is delivered by real people with real stories to tell and, as such, it’s a highly emotional experience. 

The facts

Between January and December 2019, there were 95 16-24 year olds Killed or Seriously Injured (KSI) on the roads of East Sussex, Brighton & Hove. That is a shocking average of 8 KSI’s each month. 

Between January and July 2020 there were 43 16-24yr olds Killed or seriously injured on the roads of East Sussex, Brighton & Hove. Despite lockdown and less traffic on the roads that equates to a staggering average of 6 KSI’s each month.

Introducing Virtual SDA!

Unfortunately SDSA will not be running in the usual format this year. We have been working alongside all partners in the Safe Drive Stay Alive family, including health & medical experts, to fully understand the potential impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on our road safety initiative.

To overcome the impact of the pandemic, we have created a Virtual SDSA which has been sent to schools, colleges and home-educated students across East Sussex.  You can watch the 30-minute presentation and find out more about Safe Drive Stay Alive here

David Kemp (Strategic Community Safety Manager) said:

“The Covid pandemic has meant that we have had to redesign all of our long running projects and cater them to be delivered in an alternative way. Safe Drive, Stay Alive is no exception and when it became apparent that we would be unable to deliver the usual theatre-based presentations our Road Safety Coordinator, Susan Taylor, set about designing an online version. Susan worked in conjunction with First Car to create the show and with the RAC Foundation to develop and roll out the evaluation.” 

This important road safety initiative sends such a valuable and powerful message to young drivers and their passengers and we urge all young drivers to watch this hard-hitting video. 

If your school or college would like to take part and receive a downloadable link for Virtual SDSA, please email Road.Safety@esfrs.org .


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