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Top Tips for Taking Extra Care in the Kitchen

Date : 13 October 2020

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Please take extra care in the kitchen as more than half of accidental fires at home start in the kitchen.

The latest kitchen fire happened last night (12 October), when our crews attended an incident at a flat in St Leonards Road, Bexhill, at 19.11.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus used one hose reel jet to tackle the fire and a Positive Pressure Ventilation Fan was used to clear smoke from the building. A smoke alarm went off, which raised the alarm for the resident. The cause of the kitchen fire was found to be accidental.

However, quite often kitchen fires can be avoided if careful steps are taken to stay safe when cooking, with distraction being one of the biggest causes of a fire.

Today crews will carry out a targeted ‘quick strike’ of the area, which involves co-ordinated community engagement with local residents, in a bid to increase fire safety awareness.

Our Safer Homes web page has plenty of tips to point you in the right direction but here is a taster:

  • Take pans off the heat or turn the heat down if you're called away from the cooker, eg by a phone call. 
  • Take care if you're wearing loose clothing as it can catch fire easily.
  • Don't cook if you have been drinking alcohol or taken prescription drugs - you may get drowsy or lose concentration.


Cooking with oil

You need to be especially careful when you are deep-fat frying or cooking with oil because hot oil can catch fire easily. Make sure you:

  • Don't fill a chip pan or other deep-fat fryer more than one-third full of oil.
  • Chuck out your old chip pan and use a thermostat-controlled deep-fat fryer instead, which will make sure the fat doesn't get too hot.

Dealing with a fire

If a pan catches fire in your kitchen:

  • Don't move it because it will be very hot.
  • Turn off the heat if it's safe to do so - don't lean over the pan to reach the controls.
  • don't use a fire extinguisher on a pan of oil because the force of the extinguisher can spread the fire.
  • Never use water on chip pan fires as this will cause a fireball, get everyone out, and close the kitchen door.
  • Get out, stay out and call 999 

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