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Virtual safety advice for school children

Date : 30 November 2020

Cycling safely advice

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service has gone virtual to help thousands of of children in East Sussex and Brighton and Hove stay safe.

In normal times, East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service holds ‘Safety in Action’ partnership events for Year 6 school children to raise their awareness of safety as they move on to secondary school and develop greater independence.

As the Service has not been able to hold these events this year due to the pandemic, it has been encouraging schools and parents who are home schooling to make use of our online ‘Safety In Action’ resources on our website. 

In addition to information on fire safety and first aid, the Service has recently posted new resources on other safety topics including cycle, water, railway, road, personal and internet safety. These can support both parents and PHSE teachers to provide valuable lessons about safety and reduce children’s risk of accidents.

Sophie Hepworth from the Community Safety team said:

“During the pandemic, children are more likely to cycle and use the internet. So, it’s a great time to use our resources to help ensure they stay safe when carrying out these activities. We hope these resources will continue to be used to teach life-saving information to children across East Sussex, Brighton and Hove.”

Thousands of children have already benefited from our resources and the Service has received positive feedback from teachers, partner agencies and parents on the quality of the resources. Many children have responded to requests to design posters incorporating the safety messages they have learned and emailed them to us. These are displayed on our online gallery and will be shown at events when they start running again. The Service would love to receive more, so please encourage children to send their pictures in.

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