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Businesses urged to protect themselves against arson

Date : 10 September 2021

As Business Safety Week draws to a close, East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is reminding organisations how to help protect property from arson.

It comes after a call to a café in Egerton Park in Bexhill on the morning of 8 September 2021 where there was evidence of an attempt to start a deliberate fire by lighting a menu.

Local crews have since carried out a visit to offer advice for the future.

On these sorts of visits, we will typically ask: 

  • Has a Fire Risk Assessment been carried out?
  • Does anyone sleep on the premises?
  • Is there a suitable early warning system in place?
  • Does the means of escape seem suitable and sufficient?
  • Are escape routes illuminated?
  • Are notices and signage in place?
  • Do sources of ignition/fire loading appear typical for the type of occupancy?

Arson prevention advice

  • Lock external doors and windows
  • Close any gaps under doors where lit items could be pushed through
  • Install a metal basket behind the letter box to catch any post before it hits the floor
  • Close internal doors
  • Check there are no unauthorised people left on the premises
  • Maintain good housekeeping of storage areas and rubbish containers
  • Switch on security lighting and intruder alarms


Fire Risk Assessments

The National Fire Chiefs Council's (NFCC) Business Safety Week which runs from the 6th - 12th September. The campaign aims to make businesses aware of their fire safety responsibilities, so they comply with legislation to keep both premises and occupants safe from fire.

If you are responsible for a building, it’s important to do all you can to reduce the risk of fire to keep people safe. It saves lives, it’s your legal duty, and it makes good business sense.

A fire risk assessment looks carefully at your premises and the people who use them. It helps you and others to understand and identify potential fire risks and take action where necessary to improve your fire safety precautions. If five or more people work at your premises you will also need a written record of your assessment.

You can find out more about risk assessments and our free training on our website.



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