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Busy Bank Holiday spell expected

Date : 26 August 2021

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service has got the Bank Holiday in its sights as it prepares for a bumper influx of visitors before the end of summer.

Despite the weather forecast not being the best, it’s expected that tourists and locals alike will head to the seaside and countryside to have fun.

Assistant Director of Safer Communities Julie King said: 

“It’s great that people want to enjoy themselves, and it will be even better if they can do so safely. We particularly want to ask people to avoid over-indulging in alcohol as this can cloud people’s judgement and slow their reactions, whatever their circumstances.”

Safety tips include: 

If you’re at the beach 

1. Choose a lifeguarded beach and swim between the red and yellow flags

2. In an emergency dial 999 for the Coastguard 

3. If you're in trouble in the water, float to live

  • Fight your instinct the thrash around
  • Lean back, extend your arms and legs
  • If you need to gently move them around to help you float
  • Float until you can control your breathing
  • Only then call for help or swim to safety


If you’re in the countryside

  • Only camp and picnic in designated areas
  • Obey safety signs
  • Avoid smoking, having BBQs or campfires – however careful you are, a spark can fly off and cause serious damage.


If you’re at a campsite 

  • Find out what firefighting arrangements on the campsite are and where the nearest telephone is
  • Keep a torch handy for emergencies and don't use a candle
  • Keep at least 6 metres between you and your neighbours



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