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Celebrating the arrival of a Red Cross emergency response vehicle for East Sussex

Date : 09 August 2021

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East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service (ESFRS) is celebrating the arrival of a new vehicle being provided by the British Red Cross at Bohemia Road (Hastings) Community Fire Station. 

Crewed and operated in conjunction with staff and volunteers from the British Red Cross, this dedicated vehicle provides specialist support to people who find themselves in a crisis, like a fire, flood, accident or other traumatic incident. The state of the art Ford Ranger, is cleaner, greener and better equipped than the existing vehicle and will be used across the whole of East Sussex and the City of Brighton and Hove.

It provides assistance at short notice and is used to offer clothing, shelter and practical assistance when people caught in a crisis are most in need. 

Pictured here is Amanda Carcary, British Red Cross Senior Emergency Response Officer and Julie King, ESFRS Assistant Director- People Services. 

Much-need support 

Station Manager Craig Williams said: “We are delighted to receive this new vehicle, which is an invaluable asset to the Service and its residents. The old one has been used on numerous occasions and this new vehicle will continue to provide much-needed support to people we assist, at a potentially traumatic time. It is a much used resource at both operational incidents and at community events and we thank the Red Cross for their on-going support within the community.”

Helping people in need

British Red Cross Senior Emergency Response Officer Amanda Carcary said: “This new vehicle is great news for the Red Cross and for the people of East Sussex. It provides everything we need to be able to help people who find themselves unexpectedly in a crisis. It's well equipped with the latest technology, and other emergency essentials like blankets, water and even some biscuits. We’re really proud of our team and our partnership with East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service. This new vehicle puts us in a great position to continue our work helping people when they find themselves most in need.” 

Red Cross Emergency Response volunteer, Helena Coryndon (Hastings) worked alongside firefighters during a kitchen flood at the home of a man in his nineties. She said: “The firefighters had dealt with the initial flood really well but the man was left with no electricity and a kitchen that was pretty much unusable.  We were able to come in and help him begin to sort out the kitchen and make sure he was in contact to the right people who could assist him.  I am glad we were there and it was the first time I had seen the new style vehicle.  It was great to see it in action.  It is easy to park and had everything we needed on board to help this elderly man in the aftermath of the flood.” 


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