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Community and the environment focus for East Sussex Fire Authority

Date : 29 November 2021

East Sussex Fire Authority is making the community and the environment a focus for its future.  

The safety of the public and businesses in East Sussex and Brighton and Hove is central to the Authority’s work. The future is expected to be challenging, particularly with predicted changes in the environment, fire sector reform and new fire safety legislation. It is vital that people know what they can expect of the Fire Authority and what the Fire and Rescue Service will deliver.   

The Authority has published its new strategies detailing a wide range of commitments including:  

  • Implementing the recommendations from the Grenfell Tower reports to improve safety for our residents
  • Bring in a new approach to reduce the risk of fires across homes, businesses and other premises
  • Developing our Community Volunteers and Youth Engagement activities, working closely with operational crews and community partners
  • Reduce the number of false alarms and unwanted fire signals from automatic fire alarms
  • Develop further community engagement opportunities with a focus on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion ensuring equality of access to services  

Our environmental commitments include: 

  • ·Minising our impacts on the environment, including those caused by emission of greenhouse gases
  • ·Better protecting the natural environment in the way we fight fires and deal with other incidents
  • ·Reducing the environmental, social and economic impacts of fires by continually reducing the number of fires – every fire we attend has a very real cost to people, places and planet, so prevention wherever possible is our aim.  

The strategies can be found here: https://esfrs.moderngov.co.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=160&MId=329&info=1&bcr=1  

  • Prevention and Protection
  • Fleet and Equipment
  • Response and Resilience
  • Communications, Engagement and Consultation 



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