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Electrical fire in Forest Row

Date : 28 December 2021

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service was called at 10.35 today (28 December 2021) to reports of a fire at a house on Evelyn Clark Square in Forest Row.

Neighbours had heard the smoke alarm sounding and called 999. The occupants were out and there are no reports of injuries.

Four fire engines attended and used breathing apparatus to tackle a fire affecting the kitchen area.

A tumble dryer is believed to have started the fire.

Crews are in the local area offering safety advice and home safety visits to neighbours. Find out more about our visits.

Safety advice

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is reminding people of how to reduce the risks of a fire due to electrics particularly around Christmas when there are lots of lights and decorations plugged in.

Check list

Keep electrics dry - this includes plugs and sockets, not a good idea to put a vase of flowers on top of the TV, for example

  • Switch appliances off at night or when you're going out - unless they are designed to be left on, like freezers
  • Anything made of metal, or has a metallic finish or parts shouldn't go into a microwave
  • Hot plugs or sockets, scorch marks, fuses that often blow, or flickering lights are all are signs of loose wiring or other electrical problems
  • Watch out for badly wired plugs - any coloured wires sticking out could come loose and debris could also get into the plug
  • Are the wires are held firmly in place inside the plug?
  • Overloaded sockets - plugging too many electrical appliances into one socket can lead to overheating
  • Use sockets safely - it's better to use a bar adapter (multi-board) on a lead than a block adaptor
  • Only use one adaptor per socket - don't plug one adaptor into another and try to keep to one plug per socket


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