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Your help is needed to tackle arson

Date : 27 June 2021


Arsonists are targeting properties in Uckfield and we need your help to tackle the problem.

Arson and deliberate fires are a serious problem for the Fire Service, the Police and the Ambulance Service. They endanger lives and divert valuable resources.

Arson is a criminal offence that can lead to loss of life and injury.  It can damage property and have a negative effect on the environment.  Arson often starts with a fascination for fire and progresses to lighting small fires but this can quickly escalate onto skips, cars, derelict properties and most disturbingly people's homes.

Detrimental effect on the environment & the wider community

Working with partner agencies, we aim to provide education to prevent individuals – and groups – from engaging in criminal activity. We work particularly hard to identify those who would benefit from early intervention to stop this sort of behaviour at the earliest opportunity.

What may seem like a harmless or insignificant activity can escalate into something far more serious, and people need to be aware of the consequences of their actions.

If you suspect anyone is involved in arson, you can call us on 101, or dial 999 in an emergency.” 

Combating Arson

For practical advice on how you can play your part in combating arson, please visit: www.esfrs.org/arson


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